The Living Bottle Project: Iteration 2

by Matti

In the Introduction I mentioned going one of two ways: towards the peaty end of the spectrum or towards a broadening of the existing flavours. I’ve chosen to go for peat and I’ll explain why: if I add a peated whisky this early in the Living Bottle now it will gradually dissipate and become just one of several notes whereas if I add a peated whisky later on I may obliterate the carefully crafted flavours from previous iterations. So I’ve decided to get it over with, rip off the band-aid, hit the gas and blast forth into the unknown by adding…

Caol Ila 12yo. Yes, I know. I’ve used this one before on several occasions but for good reason: it is a peated malt which does not obliterate its blend-siblings. Rather, it… tolerates them. Also, I prefer the forest soil kind of peat it provides to the more charcoal kind of peat in other malts.

The Living Bottle Iteration 2

Caol Ila 12yo
Aberlour 10yo
Isle of Arran 10yo

The Nose begins with sea air which over time transforms into peat of the boggy forest soil variety. There is a mere hint of sherry, but it has been suppressed to within an inch of its life.

The Taste starts very peppery with forest soil but then sweetens and notes of vanilla and oak show themselves. No sherry here.

The Finish is a bit peaty, very peppery and is much more bourbon-y (vanilla and oak) than sherried. It lasts forever though and ends on a slightly unpleasant dishwashing-soap note.

Soooo… what’s next?
Where’d the sherry go? I wantses it back, my precioussss… I guess you reap is what you sow. I like the peppery notes but they are a tad bit overwhelming at the moment so they need to be toned down. All in all the next few iterations will be about reining in the peat and adding some gentler notes. I can’t wait to find out what I’ll add next, you?