Homeblend #4: the Tal’fro

by Matti

Here’s one that builds on the Laphroaig+. This blend is based on a good amount of Talisker 10yo, with equal amounts of Laphroaig 10yo and Black Bottle added. My idea for this one was to create a true marriage between the harsh smoky character of the Laphroaig and the more benign maritime characteristics of the Talisker.

the Tal'fro: a blend of Talisker 10yo, Laphroaig 10yo and Black Bottle

This Tal’fro, after being married for about a week, tastes remarkably like Laphroaig Quarter Cask! This is mainly due to an emphasis on almond and doughy notes, combined with the base Laphroaig genes of smoke, brine and peat. The nose however is, after a first whiff of smoke, dominated by the subdued saltiness of the talisker with a slight bit of caramel coming through which I suspect comes from the Black Bottle.

Back to the taste, and comparing it side by side with the Quarter Cask, the resemblance is quite stunning. This could pass for a third member of the basic Laphroaigs, if the finish didn’t let it down slightly by being fairly short and a little bit bland. All in all, an interesting educational dram, but not one I’ll be re-making, so the excess is going in my living bottle.

3 Drams: Interesting

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