Homeblend #3: Craigmore

by Matti

Emboldened by my relative sucess with the Black Elijah I thought I’d give the whole boursky-thing (bourbon and whisky, a variation on Ralfy’s Rumsky) another try. Here follows my thought process:

I: ‘Right, so what’s a nice characteristic of this here Elijah Craig bourbon?’ Me: ‘Why, for one, it has a pleasant bitterness about it.’ I: ‘That’s right! So what whisky do I have that also has this bitter note?’ Me: ‘I think I see where I’m going with this, what about this here Ardmore?’ I: ‘Yes! I think we’ve got a winner there! These flavours must surely enhance one another in hitherto unfathomed ways!’

Both of me couldn’t have been more wrong. Below is the report on the trainwreck that followed.

Craigmore: a blend of Elijah Craig 12yo and Ardmore Traditional Cask

I decided to mix these on a 50/50 basis and let them marry for about a week in a small 5cl bottle. Full of expectation I poured myself a drink only to be greeted by…  the smell of glue. And this was no ‘whiff’ or ‘trace’, this was the complete stick-your-head-in-a-vat-of-superglue-experience. Alright, not a very good start then. But surely the taste would not be as bad? It wasn’t, by a small margin. The taste of model airplane kits (or warhammer figurines, depending on how nerdy a child you were) receded slightly to reveal a tiny bit of fruit and some light floral notes. Adding a few teaspoons of water made the blend drinkable, getting rid of most of the nasty stuff, but leaving a fairly bland drink.

All in all, I think you’ll agree, this was not very successful. I tasted both whiskies separately after the fact with the intent of finding out what happaned, but couldn’t really detect the components that conspired to produce this ‘special’ dram. I was very tempted to give this 1 dram. In the end it is only the certainty that I can do worse which prevents me from doing so.

2 Drams: Dissapointing

Have you tried a blend that didn’t work in a spectacular fashion? Let us know in the comments or on twitter.