#24: Kerralish Link

by Matti

I tell you: it is a great feeling having the time and headroom again to share some blends with you all. This first one of (hopefully) a new series is made up out of 3 components which I have reviewed in separate posts: Kilkerran WIP IV, Linkwood 17yo WhB and Clynelish 7yo TU.

I chose these malts because they would seem to complement eachother: all are fruity, but in different ways. The blend ratio is not based on any testing but rather on some informed guesses as to how the malts will behave and a whole lot of wishful thinking. Let’s see if the union of these three malts is a happy one, shall we?

Kerralish Link

The Nose  is rather spectacular, I must say. Spicy, oily fruit from the Kilkerran shows up first, followed closely by the sweeter fruit from the Linkwood which turns caramelized as time goes on. And every once in a while, in very brief bursts, you get a shot of green fruit which can only originate in the Clynelish. The overarching theme here, though, is one of mixed sour and sweet fruit on a bed of vanilla. This shows signs of becoming a powerful summery dram.

The Taste is much more mellow than the nose, at first. A coating, warming mouthfeel presents itself along with notes of vanilla, woodsap and soft, sweet fruit (peaches, pears) as well as a hint of sweet orange. Over time it becomes spicier, though, with peppery notes to the sides of the tongue. The promise of the nose is not quite delivered on, but what it lacks in fruit-oomph, it regains in balance and style. With water, the coating sensation is heightened and the blend becomes sweeter and more luscious.

In The Finish, the fruit reappears in the form of cherry and banana, while the spicyness diminishes slightly, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Overall I think this can only be described as a success. The Kilkerran is the obvious backbone in both taste and smell. However, both the full flavour of the Linkwood and the youthful springiness of the Clynelish are noticeable. With two components that are quite good and one which is more interesting than good we’ve created a blend which is not only interesting, but quite good!

I’ll give you a little time to process that last sentence. Done? Ok. Good.

Which is coincidentally also what this blend is.

Blend score: 4 Drams, Very Good