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Month: May, 2013

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 1

Alright, time for the first ingredient-review of ‘For the love of Oomph‘: Glendronach Cask Strength is a bit of an oddball whisky. In a time where whisky companies are primarily using the vessel of  No Age Statement (NAS) bottlings to get away with selling us younger whisky at higher prices (boo!), Glendronach is bucking the trend (yay!). Sure, this bottling is contains young whisky, but there is also a decent part which is fairly old (in the 20s I’ve been told by a source which for now I will dub ‘credible’). The result is a fairly expensive bottle for a NAS (€60 or so). Does the experience justify the price? […]

Intro: For the love of Oomph

The next blend was born out of the desire to create a ‘winter’-style dram. I know, I know: summer’s getting there, but sometimes you need a cosy fire on a summer night just as much as in midwinter. The ingredients for this blend will be as follows: I will be reviewing all three malts in the coming week or two, culminating in a review of the blend. If you by pure chance have all three malts and want to follow along, now is the time to make the blend so it has time to marry.

The Glenlivet Alpha

We take a little break from our regular scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news: I got my grubby paws on a sample of Glenlivet Alpha and will be reviewing it. Right now.  I may use what I have left in a blend and I may not. This is something which is uncertain, and is not uncertainty the mother of all progress of something like that? Probably. Anyway: The Glenlivet Alpha  (50% abv, no further info)  is part of what we see more and more of these days: an elaborate marketing stunt to promote a whisky involving all kinds of gimmicks, websites and events. This particular stunt is of the […]

#24: Kerralish Link

I tell you: it is a great feeling having the time and headroom again to share some blends with you all. This first one of (hopefully) a new series is made up out of 3 components which I have reviewed in separate posts: Kilkerran WIP IV, Linkwood 17yo WhB and Clynelish 7yo TU. I chose these malts because they would seem to complement eachother: all are fruity, but in different ways. The blend ratio is not based on any testing but rather on some informed guesses as to how the malts will behave and a whole lot of wishful thinking. Let’s see if the union of these three malts is […]