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Month: June, 2012

The Living Bottle Project: Iteration 2

In the Introduction I mentioned going one of two ways: towards the peaty end of the spectrum or towards a broadening of the existing flavours. I’ve chosen to go for peat and I’ll explain why: if I add a peated whisky this early in the Living Bottle now it will gradually dissipate and become just one of several notes whereas if I add a peated whisky later on I may obliterate the carefully crafted flavours from previous iterations. So I’ve decided to get it over with, rip off the band-aid, hit the gas and blast forth into the unknown by adding… Caol Ila 12yo. Yes, I know. I’ve used this one before on […]

Introduction: The Living Bottle Project

Since my living bottle (or ‘Ampulla Vivens’ as I have pretentiously labelled it), in which I put the last dram out of every bottle,  is working quite well I figured: why not start another one.  This time however, I’m making a few changes. I’ll be logging the malts I put in so as to be able to reproduce a particularly good result (and to allow you, the reader, to follow along precisely should you want to). I’ll also stick to a rigid regime where it comes to adding a new malt to the blend. I’m starting with two malts in a 10cl bottle, and will sample a quarter of said bottle, posting […]