You drink, you learn…

by Matti

There is a time in all of our lives when we must stand still, look back upon what lies in our wake and ponder. With Vatted, this time is now past me. Due to life getting in the way I’ve let this blog sit for a while, but now I think I have both a sustainable new direction and a little bit of time I can dedicate to the lofty goal of thrusting my opinions in all your faces. First, I shall describe my problem (briefly, don’t worry), then present the solution. All in a neat little package deal.

The problem basically boiled down to this: due to my progression along the line ‘whisky noob – water of life fanatic’ I have less and less standard malts in my cupboard. Blending with your more exotic bottlings (often from independent bottlers) is of course excellent fun, but not very reproducible by you: my faithful and loving audience.

My solution entails me getting my way and you, well, getting taken along for the ride as much as possible. I shall review the components of each blend in separate posts first before reviewing the resulting blend. Which is really all I had to say in this post, now that I think about it.

Ah well, if you read this far you are out of better things to do anyway. Let’s blend!