Hi, I’m Matt, a fairly recent convert to the wonderful world of single malt whiskies. I live in Holland and am attempting to keep my growing collection of bottles under control.

This blog is about blending whisky at home, it’s about making good whisky better and bad whisky drinkable. I was looking for info on this subject online and was surprised that I couldn’t really find much. I’m still learning this interesting side to our favourite drink and would like to take a few people along on my journey. There will be reviews of blends I make myself (and perhaps other people will also submit a review once in a while), talking about the process, the tools and the philosophy behind it all (okay, maybe not that).

I don’t believe in super-detailed descriptions of the smell and taste of whisky so I will try to use more general terms in my reviews so that even ignorant upstarts like myself can follow. What’s more, I find the distinction between single malt whisky, blended whisky, blended malt whisky (though I prefer the now outlawed term ‘vatted malt whisky’), bourbon, rye whisky and all other names for the water of life meaningless. What counts in the end how it smells, what it tastes like and most importantly: does it make you feel good? (or bad or confused or angry, any emotion will do).

An explanation of the scoring system is under ‘scoring’ in the main menu and you can find an explanation of the categories I use in my first ever post.

At the risk of sounding 70’s-corny: let’s go on a journey together!